Hubbub: Arcadia

19 07 2011

A new Level: Arcadia

We are happy to announce that Hubbub has a new downloadable level. There are over 150 words in this arcade themed puzzle. And we certainly did not go easy on you this time.

But here’s a bit of a hint. We made sure every level used at least one Retro Video game title. This includes: Pong, Pac-Man, Duke Nukem, Tron and more.

We hope you enjoy our work. And please continue to provide feedback. It has helped us make the game more fun for you. Also if you have any level themes you’d like to see, send us suggestions through this blog or at our email.
Thank you for your support!

Get your copy of Hubbub here:


Hubbub The Word Association Game

1 07 2011

Our Game!

We are proud to announce that our first game is available for download in the iTunes app store. Hubbub is a free download so please check it out and send us any feedback. It’s our goal to make games that are fun for our players.
You can leave feedback on the iTunes App store or on our site’s feedback page.

Getting Started

2 03 2011

Welcome to

We are finally up and running and hard at work on our first game title. We will update this dev blog with more information about the game once we start developing some visuals.

We’re also trying to come up with a good company logo and branding. For now, here’s a picture of a teddy bear.

We are on our way!